Effect the Corona Virus Pandemic on Tourism industry
Effect the Corona Virus Pandemic on Tourism industry

1. Travelling Nepal during or after corona virus pandemic safe or unsafe?

Nepal is a landlocked country with beautiful scenery. It is source of refreshment to all the travelers. The snowcapped mountain, hill range, natural resources, beautiful alpines attract a lots of tourist every year. Lot of adventure seekers have desire to enjoy view of Nepal. But the corona virus pandemic made all the trip to cancel and refund booking advance. Corona virus pandemic has affect badly in Nepalese tourism industries. Similarly, Gorkha Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is one of them who suffered a lot.

Due to corona the trip of travelers in Nepal are canceled. But they hope that exploring Nepal is possible after whole world become free from pandemic. People are in doubt whether to book or wait the days to book the trip. However, there are several way to book and make your vacations trip.

a) What time could be the best time to book My Nepal trip?

Pandemic best prevention is to avoid the gathering. So, local transportation and airlines are closed. Nepal Tourism Boards (NTB) has suspended any type of trip and trek. As travelers are not safe during pandemic it is not possible to make trip during pandemic. Even though if you want to make trip to Nepal, you can book now and make trip after the opening of tourism.

b) How much amount should I pay in advance?

Lot of travel agent and company are booking trip in advance and provide suitable package with suitable prices. Initially, travel companies used to take some amount in advance but now travelers can reserve their next trip in free of cost and amount is refund as trip is cancel.

Gorkha Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is one of the famous travel agents. Gorkha Adventure is also one which is providing offers to traveler to book their trip in advance free of cost and also the amount is refund in case of cancellation. 

c) What is the current condition of the Corona Virus in Nepal?

Nepal lies between two country India and china where large number of corona virus cases is observed. In the beginning Nepal was not affected in high range. However, being middle of two countries India and china number of cases are increasing day by day. Nepal is in very bad condition and World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as red zone. The system of odd-even transportation is started in order to prevent gathering.

For more detail, contact us. if anyone interest to Nepal visit, Kindly response by the member of Gorkha Adventure, Nepal.

The effect of the Corona Virus Pandemic on Tourism

Among different hobbies travelling is one that brings exciting moment with experience. Travelling helps the people to make their mind free from several problems they are facing in daily life. The dream of traveler is just to make some free time to travel different beautiful place. Before travelling any place traveler observe the problem that may arise. And manage the solution in order to stop facing problem. But sometime there is no good solution about the problem for example Corona virus pandemic which has spread all over. As Corona being communicable disease most of the traveler cancels the trip. Concerning health is one of the most valuable things we can just ignore the problem that different industries are facing. Nepal is facing alot in tourism industry as it become the victim of earthquake in 2015 and followed by danger disease corona.  In 2020.

2. Effect on Nepalese Tourism through corona virus:

i) Visit Nepal 2020 is cancel and postpone

Previously, corona was not spread rapidly. The fest Visit Nepal year 2020 was continuing. But immediately Nepal also becomes the victim to suffer. Then the government decides to postpone the fest and other promotional programs. As a result the dreams of different industries became dim.

ii) Booking cancels and refund claim

There is great losses in business as a lot of traveler cancel their trip and advances are refund.

iii) Stop new booking and inquiries for certain time

There was hope that new booking will start very early .Gorkha Adventure, Nepal. But the cases of corona virus made to lose the hope. The industries are suffering an economic crisis. There is no any soure to get money. This period is assumed to be worst as many salaries to staff, rents and interests are increasing.

Gorkha Adventures is one new travel company established to reach its achievement. Unfortunately, all the progress of GA slightly decreases due to lack of infrastructure during pandemic. Still there is hope to rise again.

The support of Government and all other related parties play vital role to run business effectively. Different sector like bank, related parties and all state holders must cooperate to each other. All organization is dependent with one another. In such hard condition, government and finance home should look towards those organizations which need remedies and many other special offers.