Festivals & Events

 Festivals, Fairs in Nepal

Nepal is culturally a rich country. So, there are many festivals in a year. Some of them are as below:

Mata Tirtha Aunsi (mothers day)

This is one of the widely celebrated festivals that fall on the first month of Baisakh (April/May) of the Nepali year. It falls on a new moon night and this day is dedicated to mothers.

Buddha Jayanti (Birth Day of Buddha)

This day is observed to mark the birthday of Lord Buddha. It falls on full moon night of Jestha (May/June), second month of Nepali calendar year.

Janai Purnima (Rakshya Bandhan)

Special sacred yellow-colored thread is tide on the right wrist by every Hindu Nepali on this day. it falls on Bhadra, 5th month of Nepali year. a big fair is organized at Kumbheshwor, Patan on this day.


It is an important festival of Kathmandu valley. On this day, the procession of cows is done on the street in memory of the decreased people. It falls on the following day of Janai Purnima.

Shree Krishna Janmasthami

This marks the celebration of the birth of Lord Shree Krishna. Lord Krishna is regarded as the 8th avatar or incarnation of lord Vishnu. It falls on Bhadra (August/September).

Gokarna Aaunsi (Fathers day)

It is celebrated to honor ones fathers. It falls on the dark fortnight of Bhadra (fifth month of the Nepali year) August/September.


Teej is a special day for Hindu Nepali women. On this day they fast, wishing for the long life of their husband, while unmarried girls pray for marital bliss. it occurs in Bhadra (August/September), fifth month of Nepali year.

 Indra Jatra

 Indra is known as the god of rain. This festival is celebrated at Bhadra end (August/September) remembering Indra.


Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepali which falls on Aswin (September/ October). It is celebrated for 15 days with much fervor and enthusiasm.


Tihar is also known as the festival of lights which is another important festival after Dashain. Goddess Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, is worshipped in this festival. It falls in Kartik (October/November), seventh month of Nepali calendar.

 Maghe Sankranti

It is celebrated on the first day of Magh (January), 10th month of Nepali calendar. This festival marks an end to the ill-omended month of Poush (Mid December to Mid January) when all Religious ceremonies are forbidden.

 Shree Panchami

This festival is observed as the birthday of Saraswoti, the goddess of learning. It falls on mid Magh (January/February).

 Maha Shiva Ratri

This festival is observed as the great night of lord Shiva. Especially ceremony/ fair takes place in Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu. It falls in Falgun (February/March).

 Fagu Purnima (Holi)

It is known as festival of colors and is celebrated spreading happiness with the use of colors. It is widely celebrated in urban area smearing faces with beautiful colors. It falls on the month of Falgun (February/March)

 Ghode Jatra

Ghode Jatra, the house racing day, falls on the month of Chaitra (March/April), last month of Nepali year. A grand horse parade is organized at Tundikhel, the central open space of Kathmandu.

 Chaite Dashain

It is celebrated in Chaitra (April), the last month of Nepali calendar year. Legend has it that grand Dashain festival used to be observed on this day earlier. Still the religious fervor happens as mini Dashain.