Amazing EBC Treks in the world.

Amazing EBC Treks in the world:November 12, 2014

A journey in The Everest Base Camp Trekking Nepal
They answered queries in detail and promptly. They delivered on their promises once in Nepal and they spent extra effort to ensure our journey was the fantastic memory it was always meant to be. Everything within their control was on time and as promised. My son and I were impressed thoroughly. My only feedback to them was their preferred accommodation in Gorak Shep where our lodge was almost empty and very cold and dark. Speaking with other trekkers, they said their lodge was busy and "not too cold". I'm not complaining but I did suggest that perhaps a review of their preferred lodge might help; particularly in winter where night time temperatures are a significant factor.
Our guide Shankar was greatly experienced and this was of the greatest of help. Unless you've been before, don't skimp on the guide as they can make or break your trip. Our trek was not totally smooth as AMS and fatigue both complicating our trip. Shankar however, was an excellent manager of these situations and his experience saw us complete our trek with an abundance of treasured memories to last a lifetime. Thank you Shankar, your friendship and guidance so greatly helped us enjoy our trek in Nepal. I strongly recommend the EBC trek but am prepared to earn the final photos. It is quite hard for a novice but still quite achievable if you can persevere with determination. I'm pleased I did this as the high country in Nepal is like nothing I've seen anywhere before. Just stunning! Mt Everest is amazing and to be at the top of the world is truly awesome! We loved the trip and look forward to another trek someday soon. I'll be extremely happy to use the same trekking company and hopefully guide as well.

Martin , Australia