Absolutely fantastic trekking experience.

Absolutely fantastic trekking experience:February 23, 2017

My father and I did a part of the Annapurna Circuit Trek with Gorkha Adventure at Nepal. Rajan as our guide. It was our first trekking experience and it was absolutely amazing. The scenery is great and especially the daily rhythm of walking, reaching the next village, eat, sleep and walk again was something I will never forget. As for the services of Rajan, the trip would not have been the same without him. What I found particularly good was his knowledge about the track, the environment, the nature and the people he knew in each mountain village. We changed our itinerary a bit during the trek because the planned we wanted to go a bit faster and do some side trips. Rajan gave us good advice. He listens good, has a lot of experience and is just a very nice person to have at your side. I have to say that after the two-week trek, I found it difficult to say goodbye. Will definitely choose Rajan as a guide again when I'm going back to Nepal!

Kees Geluk , Netherlands