Mustang Trekking
Mustang Trekking

Trekking in Mustang

Mustang has a rich combination of historical, cultural, Ecological and Natural resources. It is beautiful, complex and Interesting Trekking River and Valley is Beautiful scenery in Mustang Trekking which is also Ecological and Natural Importance. “Moo- Stang” is defined officially mustang is the name of the entire district along the Kali Gandaki a from the Tibetan border South to Ghasa. Jomsom is the beautiful areas which are central headquarters in Mustang kagbeni and Muktinath is the Historical places when they had been inspiring the heart of pilgrims. Basically, Thakali society and mixed up Tibetan Loyal society are Importance of cultural Diversity. Upper Mustang and Tibetan cultural Tradition also unforgettable socio cultural aspect in Mustang Trek.

Mustang Trekking Begins the suitable season late march until November. This is the sustainable and conditional time in trekking weather is clearly high elevation cold and snows are decreasing in this season. In a winter, weather brings more difficult during avoid the cold and snow. When you are going for Mustang Trekking, the rules require that you should trek in a group of at least two people while small groups or camping Trek are suitable in Mustang trek. If you manage and traveling to Mustang trek when you satisfied and enjoy a lot.

Upper Mustang Trek is one of the memorable Trekking. A special trekking permit is required for Treks in upper Mustang. Its cost in US dollar 500 per season for 10 days and For extra day 50 US $ per day per person. Finally, Whole Mustang trekking is survivable Trekking while we will be remembering this Trekking in Whole Life.

Highlight of Mustang Region, Nepal

  • Explore a remote, a beautiful corner of the Tibetan Plateau
  • Visit cultural sites: temples, monasteries and village (many with strong Tibetan influence)
  • Upper Mustang, hidden treasure inhabitat by Lo.
  • A discover caves, rivers, waterfalls, broad valleys and towering peaks
  • Reach a peak elevation of over 14,000 feet
  • The wonderful Tibetan culture and traditional lifestyle
  • Panoramic Mountain views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri and Himalayan Range
  • A local Monarchy System in Mustang.
  • Experience of a lifetime on these holidays


Damodar Kunda Lake Trek

Damodar Kunda Lake Trek

Damodar kunda lake is a holy lake in western part of Mustang region, Nepal.

Trip cost start from $

Tiji Festival in Mustang Trek

Tiji Festival in Mustang Trek

One of the popular colorful Buddhist festivals is celebrated more than five hundred years ago. Mustang is Tiji Festival 2013.

Trip cost start from USD$

Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek

The historical property of Nepal, upper mustang is located north of Annapurna region. The average elevation of 4000 meters is geologically and culturally ...

Trip cost start from $1840