Dolpo Trekking

Trekking in Dolpo Region, Nepal 

Dolpo is one of the least inhabited and remote region of Nepal. The stark landscape is full of incomparable natural beauty and thrilling viewpoint of the snowy Himalaya in western Nepal. Dolpo is a magnification, rugged region ideal for trekkers looking for and adventure unlike any of the standard trekking routes.This is high altitude region, A remote part of Nepal where there is no effect of modernism at all. Dolpa is also called “Ba Yul” or the Hidden Valley. The Oscar nominated film “Caravan” in 1999, directed by French Director- Eric Valley and the book “The Snow Leopard” written by Peter Mathiessen were based on Dolpo.

Dolpo was first opened for trekking in 1989, but only relative a few tourists have visited and witnessed the astonishing, rugged landscape with jaw-dropping beauty and villages following an ageless way of life. The region is south of the Tibetan frontier and the cultural of Dolpo is strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism and Bon rituals practices that precede it. The people of Dolpo and Tibet have strong commercial ties as well with the region part of an ancient, Trans Himalayan trade route.

Dolpo has many mejestic valleys and valleys to explore, tanquil forest of oak, rhododendron (Nepals national flower) and pine. The region is especially celebrated as the home to Shey-Phoksundo National park, It is a largest national park in Nepal. The main attraction of trekking in Upper Dolpo. Highlights include Ringmo village set along the sparkling waters Phoksundo Lake with nearby waterfalls. A high pass continues from Ringmo with thrilling mountains views to crystal Mountain and its associated monastery, Shey Gomba. This is the ultimate destination of the Upper Dolpo Trek and most people spent at least an extra day here with an optional daylong Kora (circumambulation) of Crystal Mountain. The name of Shey monastery has been shortened from her Re Drugda, which means crystal Mountain of the Dragons Roar.

Treks in Dolpo are often divided into the Upper and lower sections of the district. Most people venture from Lower Dolpo into Upper Dolpo a restricted area that requires special permits. Adventurous trekkers can arrive to dolpo district from the south by way of remote territory of the newly promoted region of the Guerrilla Trek and Yarsa Trails. However, most journeys in dolpo begin with a flight to Jhupal, the gateway to Dolpo trekking. Flights to Jhupal typically arrive via Nepalgunj, a bustling hub city in the lowland plains.

Trekker often combine Dolpo Trekking with the Kali Gandaki Valley of the Annapurna Circuit by heading over a remote pass connecting the two regions and descending to the mountain airport at Jomsom, administrative headquarters of Mustang district. From Jomsom scheduled flights are available back to Kathmandu or follow the west side of the Annapurna circuit trek out through more scenic Himalayan landscape and enjoy a rejuvenating dip in a natural hot springs along the way.

Dolpo is camping treks and most trekkers make arragement with an agency that takes care supplies, a dinning tent, sleeping tent and more for your comfort. Remote dolpo still maintains much of its Old World mystique and the peaceful, scenic area is a pleasure for trekkers looking for an adventurous journey into rugged territory. Dolpo has non-stop natural scenery and rich cultural attractions in forgettable lanscape similar to the neighboring Tibetan Frontier. If you are looking for a challenging adventure in the Himalaya, away from the busier more comfortable routes, then the spectacular Dolpo regions awaits.

There are several routes to Dolpo, especially from Pokhara and Jumla. The journey begins with flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal. Subsequently, from Jupal, we head to Dunai, the district headquarter and camp and we continue our trek along the banks of Barbung Khola to Tarakote, known locally as Dzong for its hilltop fortress. Proceeding along Tarap Khola through grassy meadows, Magar villages and their Gompas, the highest point of the trek Numa La (5190m) is reached, which affords a magnificent views of Dhaulagiri to the south and Tibetan ranges C Kugung La and Khyung La to the north. Then we descend down to Suli Gad river to Raha, the park entrance and finally to the hamlet of Juphal. From there, we catch plain to Nepalgunj or Pokhara or direct flight to Kahtmandu. The best time to trek both in lower or Upper Dolpa is during the end of the monsoon season especially September to November.



Lower Dolpo trekking

Lower Dolpo trekking

The lower Dolpo trekking is one of the attractive trekking destinations. It is the most demanded trekking destination among the clients of our agency.

Trip cost start from US$

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking

Upper Dolpo Trekking is a most challenging adventure trails in Dolpo Region of Nepal. This Trek is long and challenging off the beaten path adventure around ...

Trip cost start from USD$